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Written by: Kamryn Walters

YLK Class 30 started the day bright and early traveling to Lincoln to visit the Nebraska State

Capitol. Upon arrival, we met with Governor Jim Pillen. Governor Pillen informed us about the

hardships and triumphs he experiences in office as well as his many adventures of veterinary

studies and agricultural endeavors that brought him to where he is today. We learned his 4 major

pillars that he stands on: Children, Faith, Agriculture, and Values.

The class also heard from Suzanne Geist, Attorney General Mike Hilgers’s Chief Advisor. Geist

spoke to the group about the variability that law provides, different options and committees in

law, and how she assists the Attorney General on a daily basis. She also provided insight into her

experience as a State Senator and what being a female in politics is like.

Additionally at the Capitol, the class was able to watch a Legislative Session from the

observation deck and received the honor of being recognized by the Senators below. Senator Jon

Lowe sat with us as we were recognized. Following the observation of the Legislative Session

the class conversed with two senators: Senator LouAnn Linehan and Senator John Lowe. The

senators spoke about their shared passion for the office and the current bills being debated.

In the afternoon, Class 30 traveled to the Nebraska State Patrol Office for a presentation and tour.

Colonel John Buldoc, accompanied by other officers, discussed the multiple job opportunities in

the Patrol Office and shared their most memorable job experiences. Colonel Buldoc provided a

tour of their facility and let us speak with 911 operators in the 911 Control Room.

Following the State Patrol Office, the class visited the Nebraska National Guard base where we

were educated by multiple officers on several different helicopters, planes, and weapons. The

officers explained the sophisticated components of the helicopters and the wide range purposes

of the weapons. The group had the opportunity to board the huge tactical helicopters and hold

various unloaded weapons.

YLK Class 30 would like to express their gratitude to Jim Pillen, the many senators, Colonel

John Buldoc, the Nebraska National Guard, and multiple other people who made this day

possible. The group would also like to thank Navigator Motorcoaches, especially our bus driver,

Bruce, for driving their bus and ensuring their safety. Class 30 was thrilled that Bruce could

participate in the day's activities.

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