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Leadership Kearney has announced the selection of 25 individuals joining Youth Leadership Kearney Class 29. In 1994, Youth Leadership Kearney was created to mirror the Leadership Kearney program that started in 1991. Recognizing that there was a need to inspire and train the next generation of youth leaders in Kearney, a task force was created by Leadership Kearney Class #2 graduates, Tim Hughbanks, Julie Rawlings Hoppe, Jim Ganz, Jr. and Randy Tonniges.

Leadership Kearney is committed to connecting and developing leaders who inspire growth within our community. The Leadership Kearney Board of Directors is excited to welcome this year's YLK Class 29, as they will be the first Youth class to go through a refreshed program that has been refocus on preparing our community youth for the future and to develop them as leaders. Listed below are the 25 youth leaders selected to participate in Youth Leadership Kearney's Class 29.

Kearney Catholic High School:

Ada Hirschfeld

Aibrey Mandernach

Breckyn Bosshamer

Callie Squiers

Claire Kluthe

Claire Rogers

Darby Runge

Jordyn Svec

Keagan Dorsey

Logan Roggasch

Margaret Haarberg

Whitney Uelmen

Kearney High School:

Amy Jo Tonniges

Claire Gangwish

Darin Brockmeier

Grace Softley

Isaac Smith

James Padgett

Jayna Stone

Katie Jurado

Rachel Reimers

Samantha Stava

Samuel Lewis

Samuel Rich

William Davis

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