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Leadership Kearney has announced the selection of 25 individuals joining Youth Leadership Kearney Class 30.

In 1994, Youth Leadership Kearney was created to mirror the Leadership Kearney program that started in 1991. Recognizing that there was a need to inspire and train the next generation of youth leaders in Kearney, a task force was created by Leadership Kearney Class #2 graduates, Tim Hughbanks, Julie Rawlings Hoppe, Jim Ganz, Jr., and Randy Tonniges.

Leadership Kearney is committed to connecting and developing leaders who inspire growth within our community. The Leadership Kearney Board of Directors is excited to welcome the Youth Leadership Kearney Class 30. This class will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to complete the refreshed program that will take place from the end of the participants' Junior year through the beginning of their Senior year. The Youth Leadership Kearney's program is focused on preparing youth leaders in our community for their future through exploring not only various industries within Kearney and the surrounding communities but also discovering more about themselves as leaders.

Listed below are the 25 youth leaders selected to participate in Youth Leadership Kearney's Class 30.

Kearney Catholic High School:

Brianna Fick

Rylie O´Hare

Ella Kucera

Jenna Bosshamer

Onyx Smith

Jackson Dunham

William Hogeland

Ellie McGraw

Oliver Sharp

Maya Moxley

Hadley McGowen

Ava Watts

Katelyn Huls

Kearney High School:

Corsa Benner

Kadince Eklund

Brooke Van Horn

Dane McClary

Sarah Dahlke

Lydia Dart

Cole Gappa

Kamryn Walters

Ella Bokenkamp

Annslie Goff

April Van Horn

Ava Angel-Trejo

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