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Written by: Corsa Benner

YLK Class 30 had their first official meeting on February 7th on the UNK campus. The facility

offered a comprehensive space for the group to participate in engaging activities and lectures

throughout the day.

The day started off with a presentation by Brenda Jochum, the College of Business &

Technology Career Center Associate Director, where each member of the class took the Clifton

Strengths Test to discover their top strengths attributes. During this time, the group participated

in discussions involving the meaning of their strengths, how they can be put to use individually

and on a team, and learned about the benefits and downfalls of each quality.

The presentation involved many group activities, which allowed the class to get to know each

other through their Clifton Strengths. With Brenda’s help, the group was able to showcase each

person’s individuality and the community created by coming together.

After a short session break, the group got back to it with a presentation over public speaking

and making connections. Kyle Means, the UNK Director of Marketing, gave great insight on the

subject. His story really put into perspective the benefits of making connections early on and

leaving your comfort zone to make an impression, as you never know where it could help you

out in the future. Mr. Means also gave some great advice to the group on how to improve their

public speaking and presentation skills.

The afternoon followed with a final presentation regarding career interests with John Gibbs of

UNK’s Academic Advising and Career Development Program. Through an immersive activity,

the class was able to learn about each other’s past and future career goals, and what they might

do in order to obtain them.

YLK 30 wrapped up the day with a visit to the UNK Spirit Store, followed by some brainstorming

for the group’s community service project for the year.

YLK Class 30 would especially like to thank our session committee, all UNK representatives,

and UNK for providing us a meal as well as Loper merchandise!

Article written by YLK Class 30 member, Corsa Benner

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