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I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their continued support to Leadership Kearney, without your continued support this program wouldn't be as successful as we are. The past couple of years have been tough on everyone and yet Leadership Kearney has 3 great classes currently going through the program Adult Leadership Class 30, Youth Leadership Class 27, and Youth Leadership Class 28.

A focus of this year's Board of Directors has been to get our Alumni program off and running. This past year the board held a very successful phone-a-thon which collected alumni dues from former participants of Leadership Kearney. A couple of the alumni events that have occurred over the past year included a Professional Development Strength Finders event and a 30th Anniversary gathering. Please feel free to reach out to a current board member or go to the Kearney Leadership website if you would like to pay your alumni dues so Leadership Kearney can continue to have alumni event.

Stay tuned for more great Alumni events. Another successful golf event was held in September which helps replenish the Youth Scholarships that are awarded each year. Once again I thank all of our supporters and sponsors from this past year. Stay tuned for more great events. Applications will soon begin to be accepted for Leadership Kearney Class 31 and Youth Leadership Kearney Class 29.

Best Wishes,

Bill Maendele

Leadership Kearney Board President

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