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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Leadership Kearney Class #31 is underway with the August orientation session starting things off with great enthusiasm from the class! Upon arrival, they spent time informally meeting their classmates and the group dynamic engaged quickly in conversations.

After introductions of the Chair, Co-Chair, and Session Committee, the class introduced themselves, their workplace, and shared what they hope to gain from Leadership Kearney. They were then asked to remove their nametags and circle up for the ever-entertaining “name game.” The group had a great time going through the activity in learning each other’s names and gained some memorable nicknames.

Dinner of a Qdoba hot bar was sponsored by Jacobsen Orr and water was donated by Culligan. During the meal, the August Orientation Committee provided information about logistics and topics associated with the orientation packet. Then LK Board President Bergan Schumacher and LK Board VP Nikki Berggren presented on the history of Leadership Kearney, the Code of Conduct, and Role of the Leadership Kearney Board. The class asked questions about the changes in the Youth/Adult programs from recent years and gained greater insight into LK’s impact on our community.

The night wrapped up with reminders on the StrengthsFinder Assessment, volunteer hours, and retreat expectations. After the session, the class members met up at Thunderhead for continued conversations. The Kearney Public Library space provided a more close-knit feel and the change to having an all-adult orientation allowed the class for greater opportunity to connect right away.

Written By: Kristie Artz

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