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Written By: Nicole Harvey

LK Class 32 started the day at Brookestone Gardens in Southwest Kearney, a facility offering a comprehensive range of care services from independent living to skilled nursing. The morning featured two panelists addressing topics spanning home health, hospice and non-Medicare in-home services. Additionally, a panel discussion with leaders from Compass, Collage, CASA, and the Safe Center provided enlightening insights into the history and impactful contributions of their programs to meet the needs of the Kearney community.


The class proceeded to KRMC for an immersive tour, gaining a deep understanding of the responsibilities, challenges, and integration of each area within KRMC's healthcare spectrum. Notably, KRMC shared detailed plans for the future expansion of their facility.


The journey continued to CHI Good Samaritan Hospital, where participants explored the morgue and the helipad. Following the tour, a discussion panel focused on behavioral health and patient placement provided valuable insights into the challenges associated with such care and the operational dynamics of related clinics.


The final tours took the class to the Family Advocacy Network (FAN) and Horner Lieske McBride funeral mortuary. FAN staff shared their community-centric approach to providing services and protection to children facing difficult situations. The newly showcased building highlighted the increased capacity that enhances their ability to serve the community. The funeral home tour provided a comprehensive understanding of their role in supporting the community and families with end-of-life services.

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