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LK #32 Art, Culture, & Recreation Day

Written By: Ryan Krantz

Leadership Kearney Class #32 began their day Le Chataeu, a new French themed bistro, in downtown Kearney where we were able to enjoy a wide variety of pastries and other breakfast items that are available on their menu.  Patrick Moore of Goodlife Architecture presented to the class on the efforts he and others in the community are making in restoring the building in downtown Kearney to promote a more vibrant experience in this part of Kearney.


The class then made the short walk to the World Theatre where we received a tour of the theatre and learned about it's history, as well as the more recent efforts to revitalize the theatre.   This was followed by a panel discussion with Steve Barth from Crane River Theatre and Peg Sinnard with the YMCA creative arts program.  Steve and Peg talked about all the opportunities Kearney has to offer when it comes to the Arts and Entertainment spaces.


Next, the class traveled to The Archway, where we were able to participate in the self-guided tour that is available to all the tourists who stop by.


Lunch was provided by FNBO in the new kitchen area of the Kearney Family YMCA.  We then were provided with a tour of the new addition and also the renovations of the existing YMCA.  Courtney Burbach, Development Director for the YMCA discussed all the new offerings that are available with the new expanded facility, as well as the needs of the YMCA that our community can help with.


Our next stop was at the Trails and Rails Museum in South Kearney, where Broc Anderson provided us with a tour of the museum and grounds.  We were also shown the large archives section of the building where documents and items dating back to the mid-1800’s can be found and viewed by the public wishing to obtain more knowledge of Kearney and all of Buffalo County.


Lastly, we had the opportunity to tour the Ernest Grundy Tennis Center.   This tennis center is a state-of-the-art facility that was made possible by a joint effort between UNK and the City of Kearney.  This center is open to the public, as well as providing and indoor practice and competition space for the local high school’s as well as UNK’s tennis teams.

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