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Leadership Kearney Class 31 began their morning welcomed by Builders Warehouse with a presentation by Stacy Bivona. Stacy presented the inner workings of Builders Warehouse which operates in Kearney, Grand Island, and Aurora Colorado; as well as, their manufacturing line of Spelts Schultz Countertops. Aside from learning about the contractor sales services, homeowner renovation services, shipping logistics, and countertop manufacturing; Stacy also took us through the newly renovated display showroom that is nearing completion. Breakfast was also sponsored by TEAM Physical Therapy.

Following the tour and presentation of Builders Warehouse, LK 31 travelled to Parker Hannifin (Baldwins). After attending a presentation on the history of Baldwins and Parker Hannifin, we spoke about proper safety concerns while touring an industrial facility, that truly is its own busy community operating under one roof. Several different facets of the manufacturing lines, assembly lines, and shipping distribution workings were toured.

LK 31 then commuted to the Kearney Hub where staff explained not only the publication of news for our community, but also the importance of their marketing which is offered throughout Kearney Hub’s region. It was discussed that even with marketing being a big part of what services they offer; they remain committed to providing news and local happenings for the area. A tour of the Hub showcased the newspaper print and assembly line as it was actively printing “tomorrows paper.”

Our adventures then took our class to The Buckle, where we were given a behind the scenes look at the Womens Buying Group. Tyler Clay and several other staff members pulled back the curtains and tried to give us a brief rundown of current fashion, the logistics of providing product for the national chain of stores, quality control of the apparel, and the forecasting of future fashion trends. To say I was naïve as I type this in my same cargo shorts from the “early 2000’s” and my hoodie, is a severe understatement!

Lunch was then provided for us by Oldfather Financial Services. As the class ate lunch, a panel of local business owner/operator/Entrepreneur’s presented information on starting a business. Members from Grown Nebraska, and Sayler Screenprinting spoke on the support they’ve received from the Kearney community, as well as insight on moving forward with our own business ideas.

Members then went to Cash-Wa distributing where we met Michelle Worm. The a tour gave us a firsthand look at where all the items that we consume on a daily basis are stored and distributed from. Information of the history, present day operations, and future operations were shared with the class. Members of the class had the opportunity to utilize Cash-Wa's driving training simulator, which assists in their training of over the road truck drivers for their trucking fleet. While at Cash-Wa, another panel discussion was held with representatives from Allo Communications (Junius Businelle), Intellicom (Todd Herges), and Five Nines (Ben Najera). During this time, we learned brief backgrounds of the companies and the services they provide in not only building our local internet/information pipelines; but also, how to provide integration of operations along with the necessary safety and security of using them.

Our day was concluded by meeting at Upper Room Brewery, with a tour and information on the operation of the business from Dustin Favinger. Favinger shared the ideas of the concept origination, daily operations, and future for Upper Room.

Written by: Justin Thorman

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