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Written By: Matt Morris

Leadership Kearney Class #30 started Education Day at the Youth Rehabilitation Treatment Center (YRTC). Members were welcomed with breakfast by Paul Gordon, the Facility Administrator, and other staff before splitting into groups to begin a tour of the grounds. During the tour, members learned the history of YRTC, and how it started in 1879, and its journey to where it is today. Members were able to see various buildings at the facility which included: living quarters, chapel, school, gymnasium, pool, and weight room.

From there, members traveled to the recently built Discovery Hall at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK). At Discovery Hall, members were first taken through a tour of the building by Assistant Professor of Industrial Distribution, Ben Brachle. Captain David Ballinger the Director/Assistant Professor of Aviation, gave members a presentation about UNK’s aviation program. Before traveling to the Student Union for lunch, members had the opportunity to listen to the Chancellor of UNK, Doug Kristensen, speak about his role, vision, and love for UNK and its community.

At the Student Union for Lunch, members learned proper lunch etiquette from Brandon Benitz, before traveling to Central Community College (CCC). At CCC, members were given a tour of the campus, and then attended a Nursing Simulation Training by Tami Jones the Nursing Simulation Coordinator, and Marcia Donley, Nursing Instructor, before competing in a Kahoot competition about education in Nebraska and CCC. Members’ last item at CCC was a panel consisting of Dr. Kelly Christensen the Dean of Training/Kearney Center Administrator, Dr. Janel Walton the Dean of Enrollment Management, and Dr. Candace Walton the Vice President of Innovation & Instruction.

Members’ final stop of the day was at Kearney High School (KHS). Members first listened to a panel about K-12 Education, consisting of: Chelsea Feusner the Director of PreK-5 Education, Mark Johnson the Principal of Sunrise Middle School, Matthew Rogers the Principal of Kearney Catholic High School, Dr. Melissa Wheelock the Administrator of Educational Service Unit 10, and Jeffrey Ganz the Kearney High School Principal. As a wrap-up to Leadership Kearney’s Education Day, Mr. Ganz gave members a tour of the high school, and all of its amazing and various amenities that it offers for students and staff. Thank you to all of the presenters, organizers, and people that took time out of their day to make this possible!

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